Five Steps to Fast Language Learning

There are different types of language learners. There are the ones that want to know, with extreme accuracy, how and why the language they are learning works the way that it does.

They are interested in every single detail of the grammar. Others are scared of the grammar and try to [...]

A New Book Published This Week

This week, a new book translated by Confido was published. It is called Diabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome: Eating for Prevention and Treatment, in Estonian Diabeet: õige toitumine ennetab ja ravib.

The book offers a lot of new and even surprising information about diabetes, one of the fastest spreading diseases worldwide. It gives [...]

Wisdom From Kids

Some years ago we talked with an aquaintance about learning languages. Her opinion was surprising: She was strongly convinced that whatever foreign language you are learning, you should not use it until your skills are just perfect.


Because that would be extremely awkward if you say something wrong! I couldn’t agree with her and [...]