Five Steps to Fast Language Learning

There are different types of language learners. There are the ones that want to know, with extreme accuracy, how and why the language they are learning works the way that it does.

They are interested in every single detail of the grammar. Others are scared of the grammar and try to do whatever it takes to avoid it.

However, all language learners have one thing in common – they all want to learn the language as fast as possible. 

A linguist Chris Lonsdale believes that we are able to learn any language that we want in six months. Sounds crazy, right?

Me and the Chinese language in a half year – are you joking?

So, what are Lonsdale’s tips?

1. Listen. Listen. Listen. Absorb yourself in the language you want to learn. Keep your ears open and listen carefully. I know from my own experience how important that really is. During my first year in Helsinki as a student, my social circle was quite limited, to say the least. But I had a radio. That’s right – an old-fashioned radio from where I could heard Finnish all the time. That helped an incredible amount, even if I did not speak all that much.

2. Use All The Vocabulary You Have. Start now! Even if you only know about twenty words, you can already form sentences and make your point. If you don’t know the meaning of an item that you want to say something about, then point to it. Ask in the foreign language, of course. They will tell you and you will know how to say it next time.

3. The Body Language. Keep observing and noticing. How do native speakers use their bodies to express themselves? What do their hands and legs do? Stare, if you need to. It’s okay, even if it looks weird. That will help you a lot.

4. Get Acquainted With The Topics You Care About. If you know little bit of German and you are interested in gardening, then go ahead and search for texts and videos about gardening. Why would you bother yourself with the German Easter traditions that they discuss in your textbook, if you don’t really care about them? You learn remarkably more from the texts on topics that truly interest you.

5. Find Yourself A Language Partner. This is not news that your language skills will improve the fastest by talking. But not any person who speaks your target language is a good teacher. Your Language Partner should not be anyone who keeps pointing out all the mistakes you make. You have to feel okay with making mistakes with him or her. Again, I know from my own experience how important that really is. I get the answers to my questions every time I ask, but my Language Partner never makes me feel depressed by noticing about all the mistakes I make. By doing that, he helps me to improve myself and my language skill.

SO, it doesn’t seem impossible at all! The most important things are the courage, initiative and the urge to get better. Achieving the fluency is possible and completely within your control.

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