Confido Services is me, Kersten Lehismets, an attentive and joyful writer who enjoys creating texts, as well as translating them.

It has been like this as long as I remember – writing stories and essays were always my favorite homework and I was always looking forward to language classes.

Even grammar lessons didn’t scare me off – not at all!  I loved them. Therefore it was quite natural that languages became an important part of my life.

In 2003, I started studying Finnish at the University of Tartu, Estonia and I still study and do language related work, to this day.  It has been a 10 year journey that I have found very rewarding.

In addition to my home university, the journey has taken me to universities in Helsinki, Tampere and Jyväskylä in Finland and last year, Berkeley, US.  My PhD in Finnish Linguistics will be completed in the near future.

Studying linguistics involves a lot of academic writing. While academic writing became my routine, it made me miss creative writing and translation.

I realized that I could use my skills to help people who do not know these languages or those who just does not enjoy writing. Everyone has their own strengths and I want to help you to express yours.

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